Standards of Excellence

These standards are to be posted at each entrance to the work area and are to be adhered to by all William’s Handcrafted employees, suppliers, subcontracts, and other job related personnel.

Citizenship and Community

  • We will greet you (the homeowner) and the members of your family with a smile and a hello.


  • We will unconditionally refrain from any form of abusive, derogatory, or otherwise offensive language, apparel, or music
  • We will not curse or swear unnecessarily and will never do so around children
  • We will treat your lawn and all existing landscaping with the utmost care and protection, never driving, parking, or placing building material upon them without your prior permission
  • We will not smoke and work simultaneously and under no circumstances shall smoking debris (butts) be discarded on the ground. We will NEVER smoke in your home.
  • We will not wear any clothing item with suggestive or offensive language


  • We will cover, protect, or make accommodations to conceal all existing finished material (flooring, furniture, etc.) that is in the near vicinity of the work area.
  • We will leave the work environment broom-clean and tidy at the end of each work day
  • Areas with daily traffic during a project will be free from dust, debris, materials, and tools at the end of each workday
  • Any sanding, sawing (with round blades), or other major dust producing operations will be done outside, OR in a sealed area of the worksite, OR while attached to a dust collector with HEPA level filtration.
  • We will seal off all return air vents in the work area and cover HVAC registers

Accountability and Responsibility

  • We will secure the work environment at the end of each work day. You will be notified if the site cannot be locked and secured.
  • We will not use your restroom without your expressed permission.
  • We will point out to you anything that we see that may be of concern or in need of further evaluation whether it’s directly related to the project at hand or not.
  • We will promote teamwork by holding each other accountable – rejecting behaviors inconsistent with these standards
  • We will always be truthful, accurate and straightforward in all forms of communication regardless of audience


Any persons found in violation of these standards may face disciplinary action.