Breakfast Room Bench

This breakfast room bench located in the far West End was built to provide extra storage for a growing family.  The built-ins are designed to match the neighboring kitchen cabinets and features ample storage for shoes and jackets.  The middle bench has four lids that lift up to provide access to shoe storage. The bench also has faux drawer fronts to tie into the towers and kitchen.  The towers that flank the bench feature large doors with concealed, soft-close hinges. On top there’s room for a basket for additional storage. Inside the towers there are hooks for coats and shelves.  This breakfast bench was a great addition and uses what would otherwise be wasted space.

Deck Remodel

This deck located in the far West End was built as a replacement to its heavily worn predecessor.  This deck which is roughly 165 sqft is free standing. That means the structure is not attached to the house.  This eliminates punctures to the envelope of the house and greatly reduces the chance for rot. This deck is built exceeding code requirements and will last for many years to come.