Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long have you been in business?

William’s Handcrafted has officially been in business since April 2016.

Do you actually build the cabinets?

Absolutely!  Everything we build is entirely custom.  Unlike factory cabinets that come in standard sizes, we can make any size necessary. If you want a cabinet 13-11/16” wide, we can do that.

If we decide to use your services, what is your process?

We will first get some preliminary project information over the phone.  We always need to look at the site prior to giving any pricing. When we come out and meet with you we will discuss your project and various options and ideas to find the best possible solution for your needs.  After taking extensive measurements we’ll head back to the shop where we will design and price your project. We will come back with a ball park number. If that number is in your budget, we will work together to refine that price and come up with a final number and scope of work.  Once we agree on a scope of work and price we’ll sign the contract and get your project started.

Do you use fillers or scribe moulding?

No.  We do our best to make every joint scribed or caulked.  That said, there are some instances where despite our best planning, a wall, floor, or ceiling is so bowed we have no choice but to add a scribe moulding to cover the gap.

What wood do you use?

For painted work we use a B-2 grade birch or maple veneer core plywood for the casework.  We use stain grade poplar for the face frame and other hardwood components. For stain grade (also called “bright work”) we use top grade hardwood and A-1 grade veneer core plywood.

Do you use any MDF or Particle board?

We only use MDF on paint grade door panels.  This is the perfect place for MDF due to its stability and smooth surface.

Do you make your own doors?

While we are equipped to make the doors for our cabinetry, it is more economical for us to sub contract the doors from a specialty door manufacturer.  Some stain grade doors may be made in house depending on the situation. We can pass this value on to our clients.

Do you make your own drawer boxes? How are they made?

Like the doors, we are capable of making our own drawer boxes.  These are also more economical to sub out to a drawer box manufacturer.  We use 1/2″ thick solid maple drawer boxes with traditional half-blind dovetail joinery.  We also use an upgraded 3/8” bottom panel (instead of a common 1/4”) for added strength.

Can I get those fancy full-extension, soft-close slides?

Yes.  We use high quality, under-mount drawer slides as our standard slide.  They have a 100lb load rating. We can also provide slides with higher load ratings where need.

Will you paint the cabinets on site or in shop?

Generally, we bring the cabinets pre-primed, sanded, and filled.  We then paint the cabinets on site using a foam roller. Though they differ slightly in appearance, a rolled finish is usually acceptable in most situations.  The main benefit of a rolled finish vs. a sprayed finish is that a rolled finish is MUCH easier to repair than a sprayed finish. In addition, spraying a cabinet once it is installed is much more invasive to the homeowner.  There are stronger fumes and lots more prep work needed to spray a cabinet indoors. We can do a sprayed finish in some situations and upon request, though we usually recommend a rolled finish, especially for families with kids.

Do you offer any warranty with your cabinetry?

Our number one priority is to make sure the homeowner is happy.  We don’t want to sell you a cabinet, we want to be YOUR cabinetmaker.  “Officially” we offer a one-year warranty against defects in workmanship.  However, if you ever experience any problems with your cabinets, we’ll make it right.

How do you compare to other cabinetmakers?

We don’t compare ourselves to other cabinetmakers.  We strive to be the best cabinetmakers with the highest level of customer service.

Ok, that’s great, but do you cost more than the others?

Yes.  But as Warren Buffett said, “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”  If price is the number one aspect influencing your decision, we recommend looking into other companies. We will not cut corners or use inferior practices or materials to cut costs.

How do we contact you?

Visit our Contact Us page here